Discover the center of East-Slovakia
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Be an intern who works for a great company
in a great city!

Try something new and undiscovered. A place where east and west meet, where history and human destiny mix with the present. Join us to discover the City of Košice – a unique Central European metropolis and European Capital of Culture 2013!
Košice is home to the oldest marathon in Europe, it boasts the largest heritage reservation in Slovakia, as well as the largest and most important gold treasure in Europe, but most importantly, it is a city where life is lived and enjoyed.

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  • 2nd largest city in Slovakia (300,000 citizens)
  • home of 3 universities (21,000 students)
  • the longest promenade in Slovakia
  • the oldest marathon run in Europe and the 2nd oldest in the world
  • the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe and the largest church in Slovakia
  • the largest golden treasure ever found in Slovakia
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